Tool-Arena Affiliate Program: provision for 24 months

Passing on the word pays off: Registered companies receive an attractive commission for every new customer they attract to the Tool-Arena online marketplace.

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What could be more valuable than a direct recommendation? In the Affiliate Program, Tool-Arena GmbH rewards all those companies that recommend the innovative online marketplace for the machining industry. For 24 months, Tool-Arena gives affiliate partners a two percent commission on the turnover of new customers recruited - regardless of what they buy and from which dealer.

The only requirement for participation in the Affiliate Program is a free company account in the Tool-Arena. "Anyone who registers has access to the affiliate area without making a purchase themselves and without special activation," explains Niklas Vogt, Managing Director of Tool-Arena GmbH. "Here, users receive individual affiliate links that they can share on their own website or social media, for example." Each affiliate link is unique and thus enables secure attribution to the advertiser.

The software company has also made provisions for the event that the Tool-Arena is recommended in a consultation or print medium. "For the assignment of the affiliate partner, it is not absolutely necessary that the new user comes to us via an affiliate link," says Vogt. Each affiliate partner also has an individual and short affiliate code that can be entered during registration.

Individual support for Affiliate Partners

In addition to the possibility of creating individual affiliate links, users can also find free advertising material such as banners, texts and video material in the affiliate area of the Tool-Arena, which can be used as they wish. "Of course, this advertising material is not binding," emphasizes Niklas Vogt. "It is only intended to support our affiliate partners in playing on their media."

Last but not least, the Tool-Arena marketing team is there to support advertisers if, for example, advertising material is needed in certain formats or if there are questions. Because for Niklas Vogt it is clear: "We are very happy about every supporter of our online marketplace and therefore want to give something back with our service and the attractive affiliate remuneration."