Efficient procurement for the machining industry

Compare highly complex products, assemble them virtually and order them centrally: The start-up Tool-Arena GmbH combines high-quality brands from the machining industry in an online marketplace and replaces time-consuming ordering steps. Users receive the conditions they have agreed directly with manufacturers and dealers.

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Andreas Jäger (left) and Niklas Vogt, directors of Tool-Arena GmbH. Source: NWZ

Tools, clamping technology, measuring systems and much more: the online platform Tool-Arena is the manufacturer-independent marketplace for products from the machining sector. Here, users can quickly and accurately find the right offer among thousands of articles. This is made possible by AI-supported search and filter functions, an extensive 3D database and the highest data standards.

"The Tool-Arena enables manufacturers and dealers to sell online at their price and purchasing conditions - directly and without detours. We are a pure marketplace, not a resale platform," says Niklas Vogt, Managing Director of Tool-Arena GmbH. This also means: Any special conditions that users have agreed individually with their trusted and proven dealers and manufacturers apply without exception to purchases via the Tool-Arena. Discounts are automatically stored in the company account after free registration and selection of preferred manufacturers and dealers and are visible at all times.

Due to their high degree of complexity, products in the machining industry often cannot be represented in simple e-shops. Customers need comprehensive assistants to help them find the right product. The Tool-Arena meets this requirement with specially developed search and filter functions. "Our equipment assistant, for example, suggests products to the user that are guaranteed to be used on his machine - sorted by application," explains Andreas Jäger, Technical Managing Director of Tool-Arena GmbH.

Digital counselling through smart software functions

The fact that products in mechanical engineering are often used in series leads to complex assemblies whose components often come from different suppliers. Users can create these assemblies live and across manufacturers in the cloud via the Tool-Arena and export them for CAD/CAM simulation. In the 3D configurator, users can see whether all components fit together before they buy.

The Tool-Arena digitizes the entire consultation process, which requires years of technical expertise. The topic of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) also plays an important role: by connecting ERP systems to the platform, the software company manages to digitalis downstream processes and thus make them efficient. A single EDI interface connects registered companies not only with one, but with all Tool-Arena suppliers at once.

A central marketplace for numerous manufactures


All product data in the Tool-Arena comes directly from the manufacturer. "This way we can guarantee the best possible data quality and consistency," says Andreas Jäger. The product descriptions are mostly standardized and comply with the internationally valid DIN 4000 and ISO 13399 standards. Standardized data enable the direct comparison of important product key figures and thus facilitate even complex tool decisions.

The demand for online trade is growing not only in the B2C sector, but also in the B2B sector. Setting up a digital purchasing platform entails a high commitment in terms of budget and effort. "So it makes sense to join forces and join forces instead of going it alone," says Niklas Vogt. Tool-Arena GmbH enters into strategic partnerships with global players, hidden champions, SMEs and industry experts.