Tool-Arena and EVO: Software that connects

Tool-Arena and EVO Informationssysteme jointly announce their technology partnership. EVO Informationssysteme GmbH develops comprehensive and integrable industrial software for metalworking and mechanical engineering. Tool-Arena GmbH combines high-quality brands from the machining industry in its online marketplace and replaces time-consuming ordering steps.

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Where smart systems intersect, collaboration creates added value in every respect. The interface between Tool-Arena, online marketplace for the machining industry, and the tool management software of the company EVO Informationssysteme is the basis for a new technology partnership. The eventual result of the cooperation is intended to streamline processes for users and buyers in the machining industry and make them more efficient.

"The connection the Tool-Arena to our industrial software is the ideal complement for EVO users," says Jürgen Widmann, Managing Director of EVO Informationssysteme GmbH. "Our customers appreciate the fact that they experience a sensational user experience and first successes with EVO within a few weeks. Together with Tool-Arena, we can offer even more service."

Niklas Vogt, Managing Director of Tool-Arena GmbH, also looks forward to a valuable and strong collaboration: "With our online marketplace, we are pursuing a major goal: we want to perfect digitized consulting and procurement and lead it into the future. Fluent structures are the be-all and end-all for this. Therefore, we see great potential in joining forces with EVO."

Next steps in cooperation

Currently, the technology partners are actively setting up the system coupling. Tool-Arena and EVO will announce in the coming months what this will look like in concrete terms and what advantages will arise for users. "We are constantly working on making our online marketplace even more user-friendly. Together with EVO, we are now giving Tool-Arena a broader base," says Niklas Vogt. "Networking always means progress," says Jürgen Widmann. "We are pleased to take another step towards digital transformation with the following result."