Machining: Three reasons why online marketplaces score on purchase prices

In addition to an efficient purchasing process, online marketplaces in the business sector stand out especially because of their in-depth technological functions. Flexibility, lean processes and a high level of user-friendliness are key factors in B2B online sales.

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Online marketplaces such as Tool-Arena offer users a wide range of products that they can order directly from the supplier of their choice.

Online-marketplaces are the place on the web where suppliers and interested parties meet. What has been common practice in the consumer sector for decades is also increasingly shaping business-to-business trade. Three major advantages crystallise here that are relevant in business relationships.

No. 1: Transparent conditions + comparison options

The procurement process in the industrial environment is often very complex and characterised by many coordination processes. Availabilities have to be clarified and prices checked on a daily basis. These processes can be completely digitalised and facilitated by means of modern marketplaces. The high level of transparency is an undisputed advantage of digital procurement. Users can access information on prices and other conditions more easily than ever before - even outside normal industry business hours.

The top class for fast price comparison and flexible shopping on the web is the online marketplace. The difference to the pure online shop of a brand: here, numerous suppliers can be found, which greatly increases the product spectrum. The products are partly in competition with each other, users can compare prices via a single platform and order products from several manufacturers via a shopping cart.

The Tool-Arena also follows this marketplace principle. This makes the online marketplace unique in the machining industry. The Tool-Arena displays daily updated prices and availabilities, paired with extensive technical information on the desired product. The data, prepared in accordance with DIN 4000 and ISO 13399, enables direct comparison between available products as well as digital use of the data in subsequent systems.

All of this means that different employees along the value chain work with the same platform and data can be made available throughout. Not only does this create great advantages in procurement, but other areas are also supported with technology.

No. 2: Prices directly from the preferred dealer

What has always worked at the weekly market also shows great advantages online: The business model of marketplaces is not the sale of products, but the provision of a place where traders can sell their products. Here, renowned suppliers offer products for direct sale. The sales contract is thus concluded directly with the trader or manufacturer.

Thanks to the Tool-Arena Price Promise, Tool-Arena users are assured that agreed conditions will be adhered to. Customers who enjoy special conditions with suppliers also benefit from these after they have registered on the platform.

No. 3: Interaction between customer and dealer possible

In B2B, it is not uncommon for numerous agreements to be made before an order can be finalised. Platforms that enable their users to communicate with dealers offer a clear advantage here. Users of the Tool-Arena can request products directly via the shopping cart and enter into negotiations with traders. This does not require any communication outside the online marketplace. If the supplier's offer is suitable, the order can be placed directly from the enquiry. Of course, the Tool-Arena also offers the possibility to import data into ERP systems for further processing.