Tool-Arena expands functions for targeted product search

Anyone in the machining industry looking for products to match their machine can now find what they are looking for even faster via the Tool-Arena online marketplace. In addition to a far-reaching update of the equipment assistant for machines, Tool-Arena GmbH has launched the direct product comparison. Through the interaction of the functions, the technology company manages to break down complex products to a sensible recommendation.

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Good advice online: The equipment wizard for machines only shows users products that fit their machine exactly. These can be conveniently ordered from the manufacturer via Tool-Arena.

The equipment assistant for machines is the most far-reaching and prominent search function in the Tool-Arena, the online marketplace for the machining industry. It scores with a smart algorithm that suggests tool holders sorted by application. In the course of a full-scale update, Tool-Arena GmbH has equipped the equipment assistant with new practical features.

Since its expansion, the equipment wizard for machines enables a completely new way of searching for suitable products. The Tool-Arena algorithm performs a precise technical search, the result flowing directly from the specific design of the machine. Information such as the maximum chuck diameter, the preferred functional dimension and the nature of the Y-axis or counter spindle directly influence the search result.

Equipment wizard allows free configuration of machines

An extensive technical machine database is available for users to search for tool holders. "At the beginning, the customer selects the manufacturer and the model. Then he can put together his machine online," explains Niklas Vogt, Managing Director of Tool-Arena GmbH. Due to the great variety of machine models and their design, it is almost impossible to keep all machines existing on the market completely in one database. Therefore, Tool-Arena users also have the option of configuring their machine completely freely.

Based on the transmitted machine information, the equipment wizard outputs all matching products. "Here we take into account not only interface compatibility, but also properties such as Z travel, swivel spaces and maximum chuck diameters," says Vogt. The bottom line is that within a few clicks, the customer is offered products from the areas of measuring technology, workpiece clamping and tool technology.

The visualization and explanation of highly complex technical products also plays an essential role in the digital selection of products. "That's why we attach great importance to a technically high-quality presentation," says Niklas Vogt. In the area of recordings for lathes, a whole pool of functions is available to the user. The tools are virtually mounted directly on the turret and critical dimensions such as swivel space, Z travel and space to the neighboring station are visualized.

Narrow down the choice with the product comparison

The Tool-Arena offers a wide range of products for the machining industry. It is not always obvious at first glance in which technical attribute similar products differ. This is exactly where the product comparison comes in. The function displays several products on one overview page and directly marks the features in which the products differ for the user. In this way, users of the online marketplace can narrow down their hit list of useful products and thus reach a product decision more easily.

The extensive search, filter and comparison functions of the Tool-Arena are not only used by buyers for targeted research, but also, for example, by machine users who need to solve a specific technical challenge. Likewise, strategic planners who want to purchase a machine and get an overview of the products available on the market benefit from the Tool-Arena. "Our goal is to expand the machine database of the equipment assistant in the long term and to integrate more products," says Niklas Vogt. At the same time, he says, the free machine configuration is to be constantly refined.