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Brand name: HAINBUCH

Article number: 10001815

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Product description


SPANNTOP nova – this development represents more than 30 years of SPANNTOP experience. It exploits all the advantages of the latest machine tools. The components are optimized for balance quality, and have an extended guide length. The clamping length of the workpieces is also significantly greater. This chuck is designed for maximum RPM and holding power at ideal run-out accuracy. It is extremely rigid, precise, and has an extremely long life.

The position-oriented base end-stop of the »combi pullback« and »combi deadlength« variants can be conveniently changed from the outside via three clamping screws countersunk in the chuck, and for standard chucks, provides excellent accuracy for face location combined with through-bore capacity.

SPANNTOP nova: reliable and solid. The product is the result of more than 30 years of experience !

  • Ideal for customers with existing RD clamping heads
  • Typical features of all HAINBUCH power chucks, such as high holding power, parallel clamping with high accuracy and easy set-up
  • Minimal inertia loss compared to 3-jaw chucks


Combi deadlength:

Workpiece clamping without pullback effect. Chuck with dismountable end-stop plate. It is also frequently used on the sub spindle.

  • Workpiece clamping without axial movement of the clamping head
  • Clamps workpieces with a short collar or shoulder
  • Suitable for pick-off without pull-back effect
  • Prepared for inside and front end-stop
  • Converts to a fully functional »bar chuck« when the end-stop plate is removed

Additional Information

Article number10001815
Old article number2703/0006
Product weight13 KG



Machine side

No machine-side products found.


Tool side

There are 304 component(s) related to SPANNTOP nova chuck combi deadlength | size 52 | spindle nose A2-6 | clamping range 3 - 52 mm | length 120 mm available.

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