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Brand name: HAINBUCH

Article number: 10015188

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Product description

TEST AND MEASUREMENT TECHNOLOGY TESTit clamping force measuring device

A regular check of the clamping force and draw-in force is imperative for a safe, precise, and productive process. These days no one can afford to manufacture with »theoretical clamping forces/draw-in forces«. Not to mention the fact that DIN EN 1550 requires that static clamping force measurements be carried out at regular intervals. The TESTit clamping force gauge measures and records the clamping force for O.D. clamping and I.D. clamping and even the draw-in force of hollow tapered shank locations. TESTit consists of two parts: The basic unit, which is the IT module, and the measuring units, which are the TEST modules. You only need the IT module once – regardless of whether you want to measure the clamping force at O.D. clamping or I.D. clamping or the draw-in force. It is so-to-speak the basis. Depending on the measurement application, there are different TEST modules that you can easily connect to the IT module via plug & play. Even special design TEST modules fit on the IT module. All aspects have been carefully considered! With TESTit you do not leave clamping force and draw-in force up to chance; you do prevent workpiece deformation and reduce scrap.

  • Clamping force measurement for O.D. and I.D. clamping
  • Draw-in force measurement of hollow tapered shanks
  • Two units, connected with plug & play: IT module – the basic unit, TEST module – add on for various measurement applications
  • Can be used rotating [under RPM] and for stationary applications
  • Software for visualization and archiving

Please note:
IT module and TEST module are available separately.
System requirements software: Operating system Windows 10, version 1709 or higher.

Scope of delivery

  • IT module [basic unit], battery operating time approx. 8 h
  • Measurement and archiving software [USB-Stick]
  • Bluetooth® stick
  • Storage case

TESTit Software

  • 3 options for visualizing the measured results; bar graph, speedometer or line diagram [force / RPM diagram]
  • Archive the results as .pdf or .csv file
  • Bluetooth® connection for the TESTit devices

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