In the 3d configurator you can see if all components fit together before you order. 

3D configurator: virtualization in the cloud

Create assemblies easily online in the 360° 3d view. You can see all details. 

With the assembly of modules in our 3D configurator, you are always on the safe side to order the ideal tool for your machine. Select the products you want to combine and create your assembly virtually. 

Login to access the 3D configurator:

3D configuration in 3 steps

Select tool and view assembly all around

Which machining and which tool do you need? Your assembly is automatically created in the cloud. View it virtually in 3D with 360° view.

Data export

Export the data to your CAD/CAM system. You optimize the programming, minimize the risk of collision and make your entire workflow faster and easier. 

Check and order

Check the stock and order your product.