We determine the right tool for your requirements.

The smart Equipment Assistant for Machines

The Equipment Assistant for Machines is AI-based. It makes the tool search easier than ever – system-based and multi-vendor.

Complex applications determine the field of machining. The Tool-Arena uses the latest technologies and artificial intelligence to take the complexity out of your search for products in the machining industry. Your search result is reduced to the essential: a suitable tool – regardless of the supplier. 

Use the equipment assistant for machines to get recommendations for tool holders sorted by application. Simply select a tool holder and the machine on which you want to use the tool. Thanks to DIN-standardized interface coding, you’ll find suitable tool holders, blades and more in the Tool-Arena right away. You are saving a lot of time and getting a product that’s suitable for your machine. 


Navigate purposefully to the right tool.

The Tool-Arena Equipment Assistant for Machines recommends products that will definitely work for your application and on your machine.

Tool search in a few steps


Select machine model

Enter all the requested details and select the functions of the required tool.


Define machine settings

Add components like spindles and turrets to your machine.


Order selected products

Browse the list of results and add them to your shopping card.